A variety of ways to receive, give and grow


On Sunday mornings, the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word reaches out to believers across the world via Live Streaming.  contact us

Music has been a rich part of the history of  The Way International since its founding in 1942. The Word in music is pleasant to the ears and refreshing to the soul. Enjoy these Word-inspired videos please click here

Our fellowships in the home include an inspiring and positive teaching from the Bible, words of edification and comfort, prayer, singing, and a joyful sharing of abundance. contact us

This series of three classes, Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced—is for those who are searching for a genuine, in-depth understanding of the Word of God and desire to walk in the way of abundance and power.

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This colorful bimonthly magazine is filled with edifying and enlightening articles concerning how to live God’s matchless Word.  To order your magazine for The Way Magazine and the Sunday Teaching Service DVD or CD, call them directly. Please click here.


Biblical research is not only at the foundation of The Way Ministry but also at the foundation of each of our individual lives. Biblical research is for every believer, not just a few.

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