Frequently Asked Questions

General Information and Beliefs

What is The Way International?

The Way International is primarily a home fellowship ministry. Fellowships in the home include inspiring and positive teachings from the Bible, the worship manifestations of holy spirit, prayer, singing, and joyful sharing of abundance. It is in these home fellowships where believers are nourished with the Word of God in a warm, personal setting. To find out more about The Way International, visit our About Us page.

What does The Way International believe?

To view our core beliefs, read The Way International’s Statement of Beliefs.

What Bible does The Way International use? Are multiple versions used?

The Way International uses many different versions of the Bible in its research and teaching. However, the primary version used in our research and by those who attend our meetings is the King James Version. The King James Version is preferred because words added by translators are in italics, and it is the version that most Biblical reference materials are keyed to, such as concordances and interlinears.

Teachings, Publications, and Media

Can you tell me more about The Way International’s classes?

The Way International offers many classes on Biblical research as well as on specific topics from the Bible. The Way of Abundance and Power class series is The Way International’s primary instructional course, a three-class series incorporating over seventy years of The Way International’s Biblical research.

Where can I find teachings from The Way International?

The Way International regularly publishes online articles on a number of Biblical topics. Browse The Way International’s articles to find short teachings on a variety of topics.

In addition, The Way International publishes a colorful bimonthly magazine. A print edition subscription to The Way Magazine includes access to the online edition. To preview this wonderful resource, check out the free digital issue or read our Way Magazine excerpts. You can find more information and subscription details on our Way Magazine page.

The Way International also offers live in-depth Biblical teachings each week at its Sunday Teaching Service. Services are held at our Headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio, and are open to the public. For those guests unable to join the live service, it is available to purchase recorded Sunday Teaching Services individually or as a weekly DVD, CD, or digital download subscription. For more information, visit our Sunday Teaching Service page or contact The Way International Bookstore.

Where can I find books from The Way International?

The Way International Bookstore is the primary location to purchase books written, published, and used by The Way International.

Where can I find music from The Way International?

The Way International Bookstore sells a number of music albums containing original, uplifting Christian songs, including instrumental, choral, and rock music. Some of our music can be found online for streaming or purchase from SpotifyApple Music and iTunesAmazon Music, and many other providers. You can also find music by visiting our Multimedia page or YouTube channel.

Where can I find photos of The Way International?

To see what we’ve been up to, please check out our photos on Flickr and on our News and Events Blog.

Contact Information

How do I contact The Way Ministry of Canada?

Fill out our Contact Us form online or write or call us at:

The Way Ministry of Canada
250-B Greenbank Rd. Suite 231

Nepean ON K2H 8X4

Tel: +1 (613)-829-9000

The Way Ministry of Canada Bookstore may be reached at 613-829-9000:

8:00 a.m.–noon
1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
(Eastern Time)

How do I contact The Way International in countries other than the United States?

Please submit your inquiry on the Contact Us form. We have fellowships serving the Word of God throughout the United States, in two U.S. territories, and in over thirty other countries.


Who founded The Way International?

The Founding President of The Way International was Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille. For over forty years, he devoted his major energies to intensive research and teaching of the accuracy of God’s Word.

What was the Rock of Ages?

The Rock of Ages was a week-long Christian festival hosted annually by The Way International from 1971 to 1995. Festival goers traveled to the Rock of Ages from all around the world. At its peak, attendance reached about 16,000 participants. The culmination of the Rock of Ages was the commissioning of the Word Over the World (WOW) Ambassadors, who were sent in teams to speak and minister the Word of God in select communities throughout the United States and other countries. Today, The Way International no longer hosts the Rock of Ages.

Does The Way International still operate campuses in Emporia, Kansas; Rome City, Indiana; and Gunnison, Colorado?

The Way International operates a beautiful Christian camp in Gunnison, Colorado. Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch is the location for leadership training activities and many family camps, classes, and vacations. The Way International no longer owns property in Emporia, Kansas, or Rome City, Indiana.

Who is currently on the Board of Directors of The Way International?

The Way International’s Board of Directors are

Rev. Vern Edwards
Rev. Bill Greene
Rev. John Rupp

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